Who Are We?

We are Engineering professionals for over 12 years in the Engineering Services industry and together have successfully executed over 110 Engineering projects from the major Aerospace, Automotive companies.

The team includes a mix of Indo-German Engineers, designers and coders where we combine the backgrounds of Aerodynamics, Automobile and Embedded systems together to make things operate using air.

Our expertise includes Low Speed Wind Aerodynamics for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, Parachute Canopies and High Speed Rotary Wing Aerodynamics for rotors.

Most of our projects have been from concept design to physical prototyping.

We work in flexible modes

  • You get us an idea for the solution and we will help you actualize it.
  • You explain the problem and we will cater you the solution.

Our Goal

We at Aethrone Aerospace aspire to be creative thinkers, dynamic in our workspace, durable in our products and vouch for perfection to make things fly!

What We Do?

We provide services and products for the aerospace sector.

Sheet Metal



Surface Design

Plastic Design

Part Modelling

Reverse Modelling

Machine Drawing

3D Modelling

Concept to CAD

Couple Field Analysis

Crash/Impact Analysis

Contact Analysis

Non-Linear Analysis

Structural Analysis

FEA for Process Equipment

Vibration Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Fatigue Analysis

UAV, Aerial Vehicles and Wind Turbines Analysis

Freedom Modelling

High Swirling Transonic Flow Analysis

Shape Optimization

Heat Transfer Modelling

Turbulence Modelling

Transient Flow Modelling

Multi-Phase Flow Modelling

Fluid Structure Interaction

Acoustic Filtering

Subjective Testing

Statistical Evaluation

Target Setting

Validation Testing

Acoustically Correct Design


Operating Modal Analysis

Operating Pressure Field

Operational Deflection Shapes

Transfer Path Analysis

Sound Intensity Measurements

Multichannel Measurements

Vehicle Dynamics

We fund a fully operational lab facility to our employees and interns for their creative exploits, quenching their thirst for designing machines, Do-It-Yourself projects or simply coding through the night.

Keep Watching this space for announcement of some socially viable gadgets from everyday scrap to new State-of-the-Art Tech from spin off technology.

The Core Ensemble

Our vision is to bridge the gap between innovators and users by ‘Open Lab’
Farzin Irani

Project Lead

A hardcore automobile Engineer who knows how a vehicle behaves by the way it sounds. His perseverance is responsible for successful execution of projects with difficulty of highest level. He is often seen around vindicated food joints or zapping the streets and highways on his Bob.

Product Design
Process and Project Management
Computer Aided Engineering
Customer relationship
Luv Kushwah

Design Engineer

A quick learner, methodological thinker and an efficient doer. Building things out from scrap during his evening tea. Deep rooted to his land, If you don't find him around lab then probably he is gone looking for a cliff to jump, trekking, travelling and simply surfing the net.

Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application
Embedded Design
Embedded Programming
Rapid Prototyping
Viral Marketing
Prakhar Nandi

CFD Engineer

Enfant Terrible. He is responsible for crashes and sparks in the testing garage, maverick machine designs, simulations after nights in the lab, new connections with people and all that laughter.

Open Source Computational Fluid Dynamics
Validation Testing
Personnel Leadership


Wind Turbines Parachutes/Gliders Rotary Wing Fixed Wing Lighter-Than-Air Micro Air Vehicles
Lazy-tong based VAWT Parachute for 16 Tonnage Load Co-Axial Rotor Assembly High Endurance Glider Surveillance Aerostat Flapping wing MAV
Sail Cloth based VAWT Brake Parachute for Su 150 kgs payload UAV Blimp for Agriculture
Combat Free Fall Parachute Unammaned Airship for Survelliance
Fuel Air Explosive Parachute for 500 Kg Bombs Thrust Vectoring System
Brake Parachute for MiG Control Derivatives using CFD
HSP Parachute
High Wing Loading Glider
Aircrew rescue parachute
Blast from the past: A few of our partners whom we created machines with…

What You Can Do…


The members of the team hail from towns, small cities and villages from all over the country. Every month a set of engineers reach out to the roots at a school in and around the city, teach 5th to 8th grade students – fundamentals of flight using interactive tools in aero-modeling and aero-botics workshops. The main emphasis is cultivating the scientific temper of initiative within the students to design and fly with materials readily available at their disposal.

The kits are brought by us, we utilize a classroom, audio-visual facility and managerial manpower. Get in touch if you wish to organize a workshop at your institution.

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